Vaccinations and Annual Check-up


We provide a full range of vaccinations for small animals’ routine annual immunization. We believe it is important to do thorough annual health examinations on all pets, to enable us to detect developing problems early, apply early intervention, and prevent problems in the future. Immunization schedules can then be individually adapted for each pet, depending on its specific risk profile. It is particularly important for puppies to complete their full programme of vaccinations to prevent horrible diseases like Parvo, distemper, and rabies.



Vaccinations for pets have been extremely well-tested, and are fully registered by controlling authorities. Mild allergic reactions occur occasionally, particularly in pups with their second dose of vaccine. These are usually limited to itching and swelling of eyelids and lips, which usually clears on its own within a few hours, or responds rapidly to antihistamines. There is no danger of “throat closing” and difficulty breathing or other anaphylactic reactions are virtually unknown in pets. Occasionally pets may become nauseous after the deworming medication which is usually administered at the same time. Sometimes a small lump may develop at the injection site, which is painless and resolves after 3-4 weeks.

After the initial puppy/kitten series and another booster a year later, we reduce the frequency of 5-in-1 boosters depending on the individual lifestyle, which we will discuss with pet parents. In our area, RABIES is a constant threat, both to pets as well as to their owners and general public. Local bylaws advise annual boosters of rabies, which we fully endorse.

The injections are almost painless, with most pets hardly noticing anything except for a mild stinging or itch for a short period after the injection.