Ultrasound & digital x-rays


Ultrasound and Digital X Rays


Our ultrasound machines are state-of-the-art equipment, which enable us to scan the animals for soft tissue or internal organ abnormalities, aiding in the diagnosis of tumour development, kidneys stones, gastrointestinal issues, pregnancy, pyometra, and many other conditions.

X-ray machines with digital processors allow for high-quality X-ray imaging, which has so many useful diagnostic applications, both for soft tissue problems like intestinal blockages, bladder and kidney stones, etc, as well as being indispensable for orthopaedic work.



X-rays and ultrasound can sometimes be performed in fully awake pets. However, to take good quality X-rays for diagnostic purposes, may require sedation or even full anaesthesia to position pets correctly, especially if they have painful joints requiring particular positioning, eg hip X-rays. Full ultrasound examinations of the abdomen can take a long time, and pets with abdominal pain may also require sedation to perform these examinations.

Radiographs and ultrasound cause no harm to your pet at all. A severely distressed pet in heart failure has to be handled very carefully to avoid worsening of its condition by stress.

X-rays, ultrasound, or even CT scans or MRI may be needed for accurate diagnosis of various conditions, or for monitoring of progression of disease or response to treatment.