Margate Vet hospital has fibre-optic gastroscope that can be used to visualise internal structure of the gastro-intestinal tract, whilst avoiding invasive surgical procedures.



Endoscopic examinations can help with diagnosis and treatment in a less invasive manner, eg diagnosis of oesophagus or stomach problems like ulcers or stomach cancer. Endoscopic treatment of certain joint problems (arthroscopy) may require referral to a specialist practice in Durban.

Any preparation for endoscopy should be discussed with the attending vet, as with surgery in general. In most cases, we would advise starving for 6 hours before endoscopic examinations.

Endoscopic examinations generally require inflation of the organs being examined, which can cause pain. However, the examination is done under full anaesthesia, and all air is suctioned out after the procedure, so that your pet feels no discomfort at all.