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Dr Silvi Weiss

Veterinary Surgeon

E-mail: silvi@scvets.co.za

Phone: 039-312 2151

Dr Silvi Weiss was born in Windhoek, Namibia and went to school there before coming to South Africa to study veterinary science at Onderstepoort. She qualified for the BVSc degree in 2004 and started working at a private clinic in Pretoria. In 2005 she continued to study for her honours degree after work and received her BVSc (Hons) degree in 2008.

Dr Weiss joined Margate Veterinary Hospital in April of 2009 after packing up her darling hubby (Vincent) and their 2 dogs (Luka, the 3-legged Pitbull and Edmund, the crooked-legged Collie X).

Dr Weiss and her hubby enjoy insect photography and a wee bit of gardening with an occasional glass of red wine. On her off-time she indulges in reading veterinary articles aiming to improve her knowledge of small animal medicine and her great passion: radiology.

Being a Capricorn she strives for perfection and easily gets upset when her patients do not respond to treatment or pass away.

“I see miracles happen every day and I thank God daily for his interventions in our hospital when we take care of your sick pets.”


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Dr Silvi Weiss showing the joy she finds in nature
Dr Silvi Weiss showing the joy she finds in nature.
Dr Silvi Weiss