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Dr Leon Brüggemann

Senior Partner and Veterinary Surgeon

E-mail: leon@scvets.co.za

Phone: 039-312 2151

Our senior partner and principal vet in Margate is Dr Leon Brüggemann.

Born in Port Shepstone, he grew up on a dairy farm on the South Coast, where his parents still produce quality milk from Jersey cattle. Schooled in Izotsha Primary School and Hermannsburg. He completed his studies at Pretoria University with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree in 1987 and was recipient of a number of final year prizes, notably the Theiler memorial medal. After military service as state vet in Windhoek, Dr Brüggemann joined this practice in 1989. His main sphere of work comprises pet medicine and surgery, but he also treats birds, horses, farm animals, wildlife and exotic pets. He is a member of various veterinary study groups, namely the SA Veterinary Association as well as its KZN branch, National Veterinary Clinicians group, IVPD (Institute for Veterinary Practice Development), and the Livestock Health and Production Group. He has previously served as a local SPCA Council member, and has supported the local SPCA with sub-economic work since 1989.

Dr Brüggemann is married to Heidi. Three girls, Rosali, Monika and Christel, have followed in dad’s footsteps with their love for animals. The 2 wire-haired Dachshunds, Tapsi and Mucki, as well as a few bunnies and budgies, complete the family.

Hobbies: Birding, badminton, armchair sports, camping with the family in nature reserves and mountains, reading, classical music.

Goals: To make a difference in the lives of our patients and their owners by genuine caring, strengthening the human-animal bond that makes our life so much more rewarding, to the glory of our mutual Creator.

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Dr Leon Brüggemann with his dog, Tapsi.
Dr Leon Brüggemann with Tapsi
Dr L.O. Brüggemann