For Dedicated Pet Health Care

Welcome to the Margate Vet Hospital Notice Board.

This board is separated into four categories:

· The first category is Announcements. Here we will keep you up to date with important things happening at our clinics, special offers, etc.

· The second category is Services. If you supply a service to the animals, pets or pet owners of the South Coast, you may apply to have a notice posted here.

· The third category is Lost and Found. Please feel free to contact us if you have lost a pet or have found an animal that is lost. If we can help one lost pet be reunited with it’s owner, this notice board has fulfilled its purpose.

· The fourth category is for animals that need to find a home. Because we are dedicated to animal health, we would like to help ensure that animals do not suffer because of life’s unforeseen turns.

If you would like have a notice posted on our board, kindly send an e-mail containing the following information via e-mail to sylvia@scvets.co.za for approval and posting:

1. Your name.

2. Your contact details.

3. Category you would like to advertise in.

4. Full details of:

• The service you offer.

• Pets lost or found—including a detailed description, when and where lost or found.

• Full details of pets needing homes—breed, age, cost (if puppies or kittens) and reason why pet needs a home if not a puppy or kitten.

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