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Having more-or-less survived Covid-19 level 5 lockdown (in a ragged financial position…), we now enter the next phase together. Our veterinary services now essentially return to a full array of services, including annual wellness checks, vaccinations, sterilisations etc. However, we are still committed to full adherence to government policy preventing transmission of the virus. We undertake to sterilise consulting tables, counter tops, credit card machines etc between each contact, and also to sanitise all surfaces, door handles, etc multiple times per day, and continue to provide hand sanitisers for your use on arrival and departure.

We sincerely request your understanding for our request to adhere to the following practical guidelines for visits to our clinics (we are bound by our nation’s laws to formulate a plan, and to adhere to it…, for our safety, and YOURS)

All consulting by appointment, please. Please use only the following telephone numbers to contact us:
Margate: 039-3122151
Bulwer Street, Port Shepstone: 039-6822522
Hibberdene: 039-6991023

Please delete any 081- numbers you may have saved on your cellphones. These are our outgoing lines, which do not go through the PABX switchboards, and may not always be answered.


2) Please register your arrival at reception , and then wait in your vehicle until we come to fetch you.
3) Preferably only ONE healthy adult should come inside with the pet.
4) NB: Masks to be worn at all times inside the clinic (if not covering the nose, at least covering the mouth. Our staff will either be wearing masks or face shields, or be stationed behind protective screens, please bear with us regarding these restrictive measures!
5) All “shop” stock may now be purchased. We will provisionally limit numbers to 2 persons in the shop at a time, to maintain social distancing at acceptable levels. To be fair to others who may be waiting their turn, please keep the shop browsing sessions reasonably short.
6) Please email ( info.margate@scvets.co.za or info.sheppie@scvets.co.za) or telephone a list of your requirements, if possible with 24-hour notice, so that we may pack your order and have it ready for collection when you arrive, to reduce the number of people in the clinic at a time.

Our consulting hours will provisionally remain slightly reduced, but with no break for lunch:
Bulwer Street Vet & Margate Vet:

Monday – Friday (08:00 – 16:.00) strictly via appointment only, unless true emergency

Saturdays: (08.00 – 13:00) strictly via appointment only unless true emergency
Sundays/Public holidays: Margate (09.00 – 9.30), Port Shepstone (10.30-11.00) surcharge applies. Hibberdene: Office hours 8:00-13:00 (Consulting by appointment, usually 12.00-13.00)

Financial Policy:
Over many years, our practice has held on to the old-fashioned ways of allowing veterinary services on credit, contrary to virtually all other vet clinics in the country, and any other business. While this may have earned us many friends, it seems to have developed the reputation that we would help anyone at all times even if they could not afford to pay. We would LOVE to be able to continue like that! We LOVE ALL ANIMALS, and would LOVE to be able to do everything for free! Especially in these times where many people may be financially distressed, we understand that it is difficult for everyone! However, this credit policy has unfortunately caused us to be in a very difficult financial position ourselves, starting even before Covid-19. Due to an unbelievable amount of bad debt, as well as problematic cash flow as we have to pay up front for all the materials we use, we therefore have to insist on full settlement of accounts on the day of service, and also on a deposit for all pets admitted for hospitalisation. Please do not embarrass our receptionists when they insist on settlement, this is an instruction from management which is an unfortunate requirement if we are to remain a viable veterinary service to our local pets. Our creditors unfortunately do not have soft hearts for us just because we feel we need to help every distressed pet owner…..

Please consider preparing for potential veterinary emergencies either by taking out pet insurance, registering with credit providers like Medi-Wallet, or opening your own “veterinary rainy-day” savings account. If this is not possible, please make arrangements to borrow from friends or family BEFORE arriving at one of our clinics, as we can no longer afford to allow you to “borrow” from us.

Thank you so much for your continued support, praying that we may all stay safe and healthy in these trying times, and that the effect of this unprecedented response to a pandemic on our economy may soon be reversed.

Kind Regards,
Drs Leon Bruggemann, Claire Norton, Hugo Voigts & Kirsten Van Stryp

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