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Bravecto Chewable tablets Special

Valid for the Bravecto Chewable tablet only from 1 July 2019 until 31 July 2019

POSTED: 2019/06/28 

New Bravecto Spot-On for cats

 New Bravecto Spot-On for cats gives 3 months protection against fleas, ticks and ear mites.

AVAILABLE NOW FROM OUR CLINICS - MARGATE Vet Hospital, Bulwer Street Vet Hospital and HIBBERDENE Consulting Rooms.

POSTED: 2019/03/07 


Hill's Free Bed Promotion

Buy 2 Hill's Science Plan or Ideal Balance Canine Mini bags between 2kg and 3kg OR
Buy 2 Hill's Prescription Diet Canine small bags between 1.5kg and 4kg
to get a mini best buddy bed.

Hill's free bed promotion

Buy any  2 Hill's Canine bags between10kg and 12kg
to get a large best buddy bed.

POSTED: 2018/11/02 

Do you have a pet with an itchy skin?

Hill's has launched a new website where owners with pets with skin conditions can read educucational and informative articles about:

  • The causes of skin conditions
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Treatment options
  • How food can help
  • Hill's range of products

There are also a host of testimonials and videos for pet parents to engage with, showing how the right food can help to manage a skin condition and transform a pet's life.




The following communication was received from MSD animal health:

We are aware that social media continues to present reports that questions the safety of Bravecto®. Based on the trials as well as in field Pharmacovigilance, we are confident in the safety of Bravecto® Adverse events reported are less than 0,1 % which is classified as rare to very rare. For your convenience we have updated the fact sheet on www.bravecto.co.za and we have recently released a safety statement on our Facebook page, Bravecto® South Africa.

In addition to this, we have just launched a NEW website which addresses the most frequently encountered misconceptions about Bravecto®.

This can be found at www.bravectofacts.com.

DATE POSTED:2017/03/07

The Importance of Dental Health in Pets

Please click here for important advice and information regarding the oral health of your pets.

This is a newsletter sponsored by Rogz Pet Insurance and written by
Dr Lara Frampton BSc BVSc
Orange Grove Veterinary Hospital.

DATE POSTED: 2015/09/16

South African Rawhide is safe!

In response to recent postings on Facebook regarding the safety of rawhide we would like share the following responses from our supplier and manufacturer.
Click below for more information

Ebola Virus & Dogs: Where do we stand?

How concerned should we be about the canine role in Ebola virus transmission and the risks dogs may pose to humans?

Click to find out more:

Buy IAMS pet food & accessories online!

Introducing "epetstore.co.za" where you can purchase Iams and Eukanuba petfood online.
Click below to find out more.

e-pet store

The store code for Margate Vet Hospital is MVH31

DATE POSTED: 2015/02/10

An interesting case of lung torsion in a dog.

Click here to read more about Ernie,
a 2-year-old Pekinese who was
succesfully treated for lung torsion
at this clinic!
Ernie, well

DATE POSTED: 2013/09/27


6-year-old, 65 kg, Bull Mastiff.

See!!!! I do fit!

See!!  I DO fit!


Please visit our What Why How page for some interesting information on your pet's teeth.

With the kind permission of VetdentSA and the author Dr Gerhard Steenkamp we hope to bring you a regular talk about your pet's teeth.

A Content and Relaxed Patient!

Content and relaxed patient

A sick patient whose treatment required IV medication is shown here in a very content and relaxed state.

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