For Dedicated Pet Health Care

Our veterinary hospital offers the following clinical services:

Two consult sessions per day on Monday to Friday and one session on Saturday mornings during which time we see patients per appointment for all types of ailments or injuries as well as preventative treatment like annual check-ups and vaccinations.


After hours veterinary care is always available as one of our vets is always on standby to assist with urgent medical matters and emergencies.


We have a fully equipped X-ray room and ultrasound scanner to aid with diagnostics.


Our operating theatre is fully equipped to handle standard operations like sterilizations as well as most emergency trauma cases. Dr Brüggemann is experienced in doing the more complicated procedures like orthopaedic and spinal operations.

Margate Operating Theatre Margate Operating Theatre

Our kennels are modern, safe, comfortable and easy to clean. Pets can relax under constant supervision and recover speedily to go home to their owners. Our special stainless steel cages are hygienic and suitable for either cats or birds.

Isolation kennels
Patients recovering in our dog ward
Isolation Ward
Patients recovering in our dog ward.
We have an isolation ward to care for patients with infectious diseases and to protect other patients from infection.


We also offer a service to the community by treating free of charge any wildlife that may be brought to us sick or injured, e.g. wildlife caught in snares or hit by cars. Animals that can be cured are treated and sent to “Cragsview” where they can recuperate and are then released to have another chance at a free existence.

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Margate Vet Hospital  
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Bright, sunny consult rooms
Bright, sunny consult rooms
X-ray room and Ultrasound scanner
X-ray room and ultrasound scanner
Modern, hygienic cat kennels
A cat receiving treatment in our modern, hygienic cat kennels.
Wildlife rescue
Wildlife rescue
Margate Vet Hospital
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