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An introduction to all staff members at the Margate Vet Hospital:

Dr Leon Brüggemann

Dr Leon Brüggemann

Our senior partner and principal vet in Margate is Dr Leon Brüggemann.

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  E-mail: leon@scvets.co.za
Dr Claire Norton

Dr Claire Norton

Partner in the business, and principal vet at our vet hospital in Port Shepstone. A special person and dedicated vet, Dr Norton helps with after-hours emergencies and weekend consulting duties in Margate.

Read more about her under the Bulwer Street Vet Hospital section or follow the link.

  E-mail: claire@scvets.co.za
We regret to announce that Dr Weiss has left the practice and emigrated to New Zealand.
Dr Silvi Weiss

Dr Silvi Weiss

Dr Weiss joined our veterinary team in April 2009 and will work at both branches of our practice. She has an honours degree in veterinary medicine and has a passion for radiology.

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  E-mail: silvi@scvets.co.za

Dr Hugo Voigts

Dr Hugo Voigts joined our team as a part time vet in February 2009 and now works full-time at Bulwer Street Vet Hospital.

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Dr Marius Conradie

Dr Marius Conradie joined our team in January 2017 and will be working full-time at Margate Vet Hospital.

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  E-mail: marius@scvets.co.za

Sister Michelle Bower

Sister Michelle Bower

Michelle Bower is our qualified veterinary nurse, with a Dip.Cur.Anim diploma from Onderstepoort. Michelle has been a member of our team since 2006.

Her love for animals shows in the dedicated care she lavishes on our patients.

She is qualified to administer first aid, anaesthetics, patient anaesthetic monitoring, dental prophylaxis, assistance with surgery, radiography and some laboratory testing. Her main role is, however, the nursing care of hospitalised patients, physiotherapy, as well as admission and discharge of hospitalised patients.

    E-mail: michelle.b@scvets.co.za


Our reception staff, some of whom have been working with us for many years, would like to make your visit to our clinic as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Answering telephones, booking appointments, logging patients into the computerised queuing system, attending to queries about invoicing/payments etc., providing advice about diverse veterinary questions especially regarding parasite control and feeding, selling over-the-counter medicines, food and pet accessories, all forms part of their sometimes stressful daily routine. They are all constantly learning about new products, and are suitably trained to provide advice on many subjects.


Morning Reception:
Barbara Engelbrecht retired on 31 July 2017 after more than 30 years service. We will miss her.
Barbara Engelbrecht

Barbara Engelbrecht

Special duties:

Ordering and stock control of all drugs and consumables,. attending to all account queries and petty cash.

Sylvia Hoek

Sylvia Hoek

Special duties:

Printing and mailing vaccination reminders to clients.

  E-mail: sylvia@scvets.co.za


Afternoon Reception:
Nisha Moonsamy

Nisha Moonsamy

Nisha started with us in March 2009.
She changed to the morning shift on 1 August 2017.


  E-mail: nisha@scvets.co.za

Judy Russel

Judy Russell

Judy manages our in-house Vetshop, which stocks all the major veterinary-specialty premium and super-premium pet food ranges, prescription diets, as well as a good range of pet accessories like toys and treats, collars/leashes/harnesses, pet beds, parasite control products, etc. (see more: Vetshop)

Please contact Judy for any special requirements you may have. If we do not have it, we will usually be able to find and order it for you!

    E-mail: judy@scvets.co.za


Sphiwe Shangase

Sphiwe recently joined our team and is being trained to do work behind the scenes in the hospital. She will make sure that the hospital wards and beds are always spotlessly clean, assist with prepping of pets for surgery and generally helping where needed.


Brenda Myeni

Brenda Myeni

Brenda deserves immense credit for keeping our clinic as spotless and fresh-smelling as possible, and is always ready with a smile to clean up the odd “accidents” that are a hazard of our trade. Besides this, she also speaks both English and Zulu perfectly, and can help when an interpreter is required.

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