For Dedicated Pet Health Care

Our veterinary hospital offers the following clinical services:

Consultation sessions are held twice a day on weekdays and Saturday mornings where patients are seen by appointment. This caters for preventative treatments like vaccinations and annual check-ups as well as treating sick pets.


After hours veterinary care is always available as one of our vets is always on standby to assist with urgent medical matters and emergencies.


To aid with diagnostics we have a fully equipped X-ray room and a state of the art ultrasound scanner.

X-ray machine in operation X-ray machine in operation


The prep room is where first aid and assessment happens to emergency cases. Pets scheduled for surgery are prepared, shaved and anaesthetized before going into the operating theatre.



Surgery done in the sterile operating room includes standard operations like spays, neuters and caesarians. Our surgery is also equipped for any other type of procedure your pet might need to get him back to health.


While in our care patients stay in safe, comfortable kennels that are kept clean at all times. The surroundings and constant care are conducive to a quick recovery, so that your pet can be reunited with you as speedily as possible.

Modern stainless steel cat kennels Cat ward

Patients with infectious diseases deserve medical treatment as much as any other and to protect all our patients, we have an isolation ward to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

We also offer a service to the community by treating free of charge any wildlife that may be brought to us sick or injured, e.g. wildlife caught in snares or hit by cars.

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Margate Vet Hospital  
Bulwer Street Vet Hospital
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E-mail: info.margate@scvets.co.za
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Modern, well equipped consult rooms
Bulwer Street consult rooms
Modern Ultrasound Scanner to aid in diagnostics
Modern ultrasound scanner

The prep room in Bulwer Street Vet Hospital

The prep room in Bulwer Street Vet Hospital
Sterile and well equipped operating room
Bulwer Street sterile operating room
Safe and comfortable kennels
Safe, comfortable kennels in the general ward
Bulwer Street Vet Hospital
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