Select the optimum food for your pet with the help of trained staff
Trained staff can assist you with selecting the optimum food for your individual pet
Spoil your pets with healthy treats
Special treats for special pets
All sorts of toys to keep our furry friends busy
Toys available in VetShop
Tick and flea control for sale
Flea control display in VetShop
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For Dedicated Pet Health Care

Pet Food:

Feeding good food is a very important part of having a healthy pet. Certain clinical conditions can even be cured or controlled mainly by feeding a diet specifically designed for that condition. Large breed puppies and dogs need a special diet to prevent skeletal problems later in life. One pet food company even manufactures breed specific foods. Discuss your pet’s needs with our staff and we will recommend a food that suits your pet as well as your pocket.

Treats & Accessories:

Our pets are like our children and we love to spoil them. We stock a variety of treats that are healthy and safe for our pets to chew on.

Shop around for grooming accessories, collars, leads and harnesses, toys, beds, travel cages and more.

Beds and travel cases for sale
Beds and travel cases for sale

Pick and choos from our collars and leads, we cater for all shapes and sizes
Collars for all shapes and sizes

Parasite Control:

It is our duty and privilege as pet owners to protect our pets from parasites that could make them very ill. Ticks, fleas and worms can make their lives miserable. Fortunately there is a wide range of products available to protect pets from these parasites.

In the hot, humid climate on the Natal South Coast, fleas are a major problem. The bite of just one flea can cause severe irritation of your pet’s skin. As in all things, prevention is better than cure.

Worms can easily be controlled with tablets. This is normally done during your pet’s annual health check but extra over-the-counter control is available.

Our staff members are trained to assist you in finding the one most suitable product for your needs.

If you can’t find what you are looking for we will gladly find and order it for you.


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