For Dedicated Wild Animal Health Care

As happens at all veterinary hospitals, people often bring injured or sick wild animals to our clinic. Our vets then assess the injuries or illness and if they believe they can save the animal, we treat it at our own cost.

Read about some recent wild animals treated at our clinic:


A female Grey Duiker lamb, "Eunice", snug under a blanket and heating lamp,
waking up from anaesthetic after surgery to pin broken bones in her leg.



Date posted: 2012/06/14

Steve, the Steppe Buzzard was brought into the clinic after crashing into a window.
That was not all that was wrong with him...



Date posted: 2012/06/14

A giant Kingfisher with a wound under
it's wing was brought into our clinic.
It was treated and released.




Date posted: 2012/06/14

Gymmy, the African Harrier Hawk was brought to the clinic with an injured wing. X-rays showed a pellet in the wing. Gymmy had surgery and was sent to a raptor rehabilitation centre.





Margate Vet Hospital

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