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A female duiker lamb was rescued from a Large Grey Mongoose. She had a broken right foreleg (radius and ulna), with multiple bites on the leg.

Grey Duiker on the operating table

Inspector Julia Watson of the SPCA initially bandaged the leg. She was then brought to us by Craig Hosken of Craigsview the following day for X-rays, which showed an oblique fracture of both bones, with severe overriding of fragment ends.

X-ray showing pin in bone.

She was anaesthetised and Dr Bruggemann placed a steel pin inside the radius, buried fully to avoid need for later surgery to remove the pin.

Grey Duiker waking up from anaesthetic.

She was then sent back to Craigsview Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for further nursing, after being christened "Eunice" by Dr Weiss.



Margate Vet Hospital
Margate Vet Hospital