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Giant Kingfisher

An adult female Giant Kingfisher was brought in, unable to fly,
with a deep wound under the left elbow.

Giant Kingfisher with wound under left wing

X-rays showed no fractures, so she was treated with antibiotics and painkillers, twice daily wound cleaning and wound sprays. Would not eat on own, so was crop-fed with Royal Canin Growth-and Recovery food (did not appreciate this taste!, and tried half-successfully to bite my finger off! Now I know what a fish feels like…)

Giant Kingfisher attacking a towel
Dr Brüggemann holding the Giant Kingfisher

After a week in hospital, she was successfully released at the Uvongo River reserve.
At 2 subsequent visits to the reserve she was still flying around,
calling for a mate, and seemed quite well.

Giant Kingfisher, ready for release

As an added bonus, I spotted a rare African Finfoot, as well as a Pygmy Goose in between about
36 raucously noisy Egyptian geese, unfortunately no camera at hand to record these beautiful sightings in the heart of Uvongo!



Margate Vet Hospital
Margate Vet Hospital