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On 14 June 2011, the SPCA brought a juvenile "African Harrier Hawk" (Gymnogene) with an injured wing, found in Uvongo, to the practise. After an examination and X-ray it was found that the bird had been shot with a pellet gun. Dr Brüggemann operated on the bird, removed the pellet and placed a pin to stabilize the fracture. "Gymmy", as we named him, is doing well.

Beautiful predator face   X-ray showing pellet
Beautiful predator face.
X-ray with enlargement showing pellet.
Starting to eat on its own
"Gymmy" on the mend. Feeling better and starting to eat by itself.
Gymmy testing the wings

Gymmy testing his wings, eager to taste freedom again!

Gymmy was moved to a raptor rehabilitaion centre in Pietermaritzburg and is doing well.

Date Posted: 2011/06/28
Date Updated: 2011/07/21



Margate Vet Hospital
Margate Vet Hospital